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Hi–I’m Amy Beaird. I help innovation ecosystem builders strengthen their regions and their resolve.[ An open letter to innovation ecosystem builders]Navigating the innovation landscape is about embracing a purpose-driven journey.We approach our mission in a way that values collaboration, adaptability, and purposeful impact, and shared goals.The innovation ecosystem builder doesn't ask: “how can I gain?” They ask: “what kind of impact do I want to create?”, and then cultivates an ecosystem to amplify that impact.It’s not just about generating more solutions, revenue or jobs; it’s about fostering meaningful progress in our regions and communities.We cultivate dynamic and agile ecosystems — prioritizing interconnectedness and effective systems thinking to transform communities.Sometimes that means a hands-on approach, and often we leverage a network of specialists, collaborators, and partners to do collectively what none of us can do alone.At the end of the day, what unites us is a shared goal: Foster a culture that drives meaningful connections…and create a future where innovations abound.


Hi – I’m Amy. I help innovation ecosystem builders to grow and sustain their regional economies.[ My story ]
Over the last two decades, I have worked in all aspects of the innovation ecosystem from leading R&D in entrepreneurial startups to building academic incubator labs to setting strategy and scaling state-wide initiatives with multi-million-dollar budgets.
After 3 years of implementing best practice programs and incredible growth in my regional ecosystem, I've refined scalable methods to share with you.I'm taking everything I learned and boiling it down to make it easy for other ecosystem builders to create impact faster and with more intention.Now I run a small consultancy that teaches ecosystem builders how to accelerate regional innovation, develop the strategies and stories to sustain it, and restore themselves and their communities.When I'm not working, I'm an angel investor, a mentor to underestimated innovators and you’ll often find me on long walks, on park picnics with my sweet family, trying to learn pickleball and planting succulents.


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